I’m sorry. But I have to hit you with a reality check: Valentine’s Day is not meant to be spent sitting in front of your laptop with your pants at your knees and your hand on your cock. And no, watching your favourite pornstar get pounded does not qualify as a date. Okay, you’re single. I get it. But that’s no excuse to spend February 14th in the company of Pamela Hand-erson, especially when you have this at your disposal: Kinetic Attraction! You’re about to see how to get a woman horny INSTANTLY. I’m talking ANY woman. A girl that you know. Someone who friend zoned you. Or even a perfect stranger off the street. Just make 3 small changes in your body language and she’ll approach YOU and be needing a change of panties. Not because she drank too much water and had an accident, but because you made her sopping WET It’s the perfect remedy for a potentially BORING Valentine’s Day, but you won’t just have her for that day. You’ll have her beyond, either as your girlfriend or full-time fck buddy. This is very powerful, and fast..

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